Absolute Music for an Absolute God: Part II

July 11, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

Absolute Music for an Absolute God
Part II

This is an attempt to show you a quick history of the music of Japheth as it is quickly compared to the music of Ham & Shem. We are looking for a standard of music that we know has pleased God in the past so that we can have a standard for music today to prove that which is acceptable unto the Lord.

However, because I botched the sound towards the end of this sermon, the audio to this sermon is in two parts. Part II will be next.

In this sermon, see how God ‘enlarged’ Japheth in the area of music! Even though these are generalized teachings, I would encourage music students as well as musicians to look into this particular approach in a detailed manner – it is a fascinating study – nothing as to what you had been taught in your average music appreciation class! There are 19 pages of notes – most of which is a general ‘history’ of Japheth music.

The last 15 minutes has poor sound. It has been so long, I forgot what happened then!