BEST OF: Are Paul’s Teachings Impractical?

October 14, 2012 by: KJVOnly

September 16, 2009
Sunday Evening

Are Paul’s Teachings Impractical?

I have heard it said that in today’s world, trying to follow the teachings of the risen Saviour through Paul is not practical.

You mean a young lady staying home instead of going to work outside the home? You mean dressing ‘very’ modestly? You mean being quiet and sober? You mean not following the world’s way of entertainment? You mean saying ‘no’ to things that you used to say ‘yes’ to? That is all not practical? Growing in judgment? Believing One Bible? Learning the truth about music and then living it? Serving the living God and Risen Saviour today is impractical? Designing the local church to please God instead of man?

According to the scriptures, what are a few real reasons people say Paul is impractical?