Despise and Destroy the Magnificence of Today’s Pastors (Part VII)

February 5, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

Despise and Destroy the Magnificence
of Today’s Pastors
Part VII – Deceptions Taught from Today’s Pastors! (Part IV)

Summary ‘hand-written’ notes of series

We conclude the mini-series with the series with the following ‘deceptions:’

  1. Modesty today
  2. No male/female roles are necessary if ‘it’ works for gain
  3. A righteous walk will please God
  4. Our goal is to stop sinning and confess what we mess up so we won’t lose our fellowship with God
  5. Today’s ‘worship’ & music pleases God.

These pastoral evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse with their good words and fair speeches, deceiving the simple, and being deceived themselves until their ‘followers’ open up their King James Bible and see for themselves the lies their favorite, lovable and caring pastor is teaching.

Sorry about not having the video available – I forgot to turn on the mike. I also hope I have the above 14 points labeled with the correct sermon. :-)