I John ‘Again’ (Part II)

April 4, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

I John ‘Again’
Part II

Now I truly see why we are looking at I John again. We already know it is not the same as what Paul preaches – that is obvious – and according to Galatians 1, this is not to be preached as application today. However, suddenly, I see that we can do a study of the kind of person one will be and have to be during the Tribulation. It is a fresh new way to look at I John. It sure ought to make us thankful today, that is for sure!

Sons of God in the OT – sons of God today – sons of God during the Tribulation – what a great family to be part of. But the sons of God during Tribulation – what kind of person will they have to be? I couldn’t do it and neither could you, but it is a very interesting study.