I John ‘Again’ (Part IV)

April 8, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

I John ‘Again’
Part IV

So, as we saw in the a.m. sermon, loving the brethren will have everything to do with whether or not the ‘Tribulation Saint’ is truly born of God.

But today, the Dispensation of Grace through Paul, where does the ‘love of the brethren’ fit in? Are we not showing our love of the brethren if we don’t approve of what they are doing thus avoiding / withdrawing from, etc if they are not following Paul’s manner of life, at whatever level, etc.? What might possibly be the real problem really?

And does the love of the brethren seal our salvation today? NO! But we still ought to love the brethren, right? RIGHT! But what if…??? Ahhh, now there is the subject of the tonight’s sermon.