I John ‘Again’ (Part IX)

April 22, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

I John ‘Again’
I John 4:21
Part IX – “Paul’s Tough Commandments”

Ever think about I & II Timothy and how it needs to be rightly divided in itself? There are some verses there TO woman but for the man to know, etc. We look at what Paul tells TO Timothy compared to what Timothy is told to teach TO us. It is an interesting way to read through Timothy I & II. Are you the tough Paul follower? Do you ALSO try to listen to Timothy? Does your pastor put ‘to you’ what was put ‘to’ Timothy? Are you willing to try to be a Timothy Christian? If so, then you follow what Paul taught Timothy to teach to us – but be careful that you don’t try to ‘imitate’ Timothy. If that doesn’t make sense to you, then may I suggest you listen to the sermon. Maybe that will help.

Bonus ‘dessert’ – How about some marriage ‘advice’ from Paul? Is his advice also from God or not? Listen in! It might help your marriage – it might help you as you plan on marriage… might!