I John ‘Again’ (Part XII)

April 29, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

I John ‘Again’
Part XII
I John 5:10-21

The end of I John shows us once again – that the Tribulation is ‘faith plus works‘ no matter what the ‘big guns’ say. There is a sin unto death then but there isn’t now. We know we are of God by the Book, not by our feelings or walk. While we should turn away from idols, they actually have to – or else! If we don’t, our works burn; if they don’t, they burn!

Our confidence is because of HIS faith while their confidence is based on their walk! Their answers to prayer can be ‘expected’ IF they keep his commandments. For us today, Christ will actually do more than we ask – the Holy Ghost knows what to ask for us – more than we even know.

They ‘have’ to ask according to his will, and yes, if they do, it will be given. If that is the kind of prayer life you want, then hang around – the time is coming soon!