Is God Really ‘in Control’?

July 3, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

Of course God is ‘in control’ – He is God the Creator – the Alpha & Omega, etc. but is HE in charge? Is He the one making things happen in this country – in your personal life, etc.? Are we looking at the ‘excuse’ you tell folks that have happen what happens in their lives?

Do you believe it is God’s will in your/their life? Do you believe it is God that we should ‘blame’ for what is going on today? Is it God that ‘spanked’ you by burning down your house, giving you arthritis, causing a miscarriage, giving you or your parents Alzheimers, etc.

Is it His judgment / chastisement/ design for their personal life to ‘help them grow,’ etc. You really think that to be true? Is that what you tell people? Then no wonder nobody wants your god – neither do I. That is another Jesus you are peddling.