James Revisited (Part III)

May 13, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

James Revisited
Part III
James 1:17-27

Is every good and perfect gift today from God? Is God the Father of lights or Father of heavenly lights? Is our KJB full of ‘variableness’ – is there a ‘shadow of turning’ that can come from the KJB? What is the “word of truth” during the Tribulation? Weren’t we begat by the ‘word of truth’ today?

What about our own ‘personal’ wrath today when compared to wrath during the Tribulation? These verses show a concern for losing salvation – do we have to worry about that, based on these Scriptures? Finally, religion? I despise it and we should, according to Paul; however, James describes a pure and undefiled religion? Does that exist today? And finally, can we actually keep ourselves from being spotted by the world? Are we told that we should try to be that unspotted, etc.?

Answers within!