James Revisited (Part VI)

May 20, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

James Revisited
Part VI
Chapter 3:1-12

Offensive words Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

Why is it that we used to have the freedom to speak our peace! To say what we want!, etc. But today, if we say one wrong word – we can be fired, lose our friends, family, etc. What is going on? How does James explain it? It is a great understanding we get from reading James.

What does Paul say about being offensive? We know the word of God will be offensive, but do we have to be? Are we truly being offensive or is a new loss of freedom. Does this have anything to do with the Tribulation? Yup!

Yes, I misspelled ‘revisited’ on the opening of the video …
…I will fix it …someday