James Revisited (Part VIII)

May 23, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

James Revisited
Chapter 4:1-12

Here are more questions to ask the pastors today:

  1. Does lusting today have any different consequences when compared to the Tribulation?
  2. We have not because we ask not?
  3. We have not because we ask amiss?
  4. Who is the ‘he’ in verse 6?
  5. Does God resist the proud today?
  6. Does God bless only the humble?
  7. How does one draw night to God today?
  8. Does the devil really flee from us when we resist him?
  9. How do we cleanse our hands?
  10. How do we purify our hearts?
  11. Does God really want us to be afflicted, and mourn, and weep?
  12. Can we have no laughter anymore?
  13. Does God want our joy turned to heaviness?
  14. Are we supposed to be a doer of the law?
  15. If you, as a pastor, preach those things which I just asked, to us today, how do you suggest we do those things?