My Challenge, as a Pastor, to Change Direction and Emphasis of My Local Church Family – 2002

January 15, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

This is the sermon that I gave to challenge the church families to change our direction and emphasis at Touchet Baptist Church, June, 2002. It was part of my ‘Garden Series’ and as far as I can tell, this is the oldest sermon I have available. I had been pastor for 6 years and was just starting to consider the seriousness of looking towards Paul with rightly dividing Paul’s books, not just rightly dividing pick-n-choose by verse.

Yes, the sermon is a “little” long… but that was the way in those days – and people stayed! I recommend if you want to get the sermon as put forth, you should sit through it all in one sitting, as the people in Touchet did. The unedited video will be online soon… (I hope).

The sermon begins with emphasis being put on the church family as a whole – how the community should see us as a local church. We end the sermon by emphasizing the importance of our personal walk as that is what people see. It was more important for our testimony to be one that is seen, not just heard!

This sermon began a 7 year ‘pastoral experience’ that was the most rewarding yet challenging and difficult time of my life. At first, it was great as we learned the joy of “Paul Only;” however, the personal and family battles concerning the outward ‘walk’ in everyone’s lives finally wore us all down. As I have said for years, the ‘truth of a rightly divided KJB following Paul Only‘ is what took us down. Not the devil – not a person – not the flesh – TRUTH!

See Romans 11:22.

Remember, this was also presented before our years of serious Paul Only application We were still a Baptist church, however we eventually dropped the ‘Baptist’ title. We still did an occasional invitation, however we stopped them soon after this sermon. We hadn’t gone through Hebrews to Jude as Tribulation books or Acts 1-8 only as Great Commission, not to us today; now it is obvious!

While we still believed the Baptist PSR/Gipp ‘strong-arm’ was the only way to preach, Paul changed us soon after.

In this case in 2002, this sermon was appropriately given and properly timed to get us all started looking on the outside walk, getting us off our brain collection of great doctrine! It was good that I didn’t know what was going to happen in the next 7 years after this sermon!

Dear Web-Family: Are you willing to accept the challenge given in this sermon? I hope you are; and hopefully in one session – no potty or sandwich / coffee breaks – no stretches – no interruptions and I don’t recommend you listen as you sit back in your recliner or bed. It is even more timely and necessary today. Paul’s doctrine is fantastic, but his ‘manner of life’ is written to us directly and will be what our judgment seat of Christ will be based on. Now is as good as time as any to put this sermon on!