On the Hill (Part I)

November 28, 2010 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

“Hey, you folks on Mars’ hill – Listen up – Paul has something to say to you!”

But alas, I know they won’t! So, we will take a look at the modern Christian living the life of Mars’ hill. This morning, we look at the Scriptural descriptions of them in God’s own words! We will then look at the results of being a modern Christian today.

We will ask ourselves, ‘Why do these people appear to behave ‘better’ than most KJB people and why are they so much nicer, etc.” Why do they make better friends than our own brethren? We will also look at what ‘seems‘ so magnificent about them that even us Paul folks are going back to play with them, and in more and more cases, actually going so far as to yoke with them.

If we know we are to despise their religion and destroy the magnificence of it all, then why don’t we? Are we actually jealous of them and their manner of life instead of Paul’s? Why do we, as claiming to be Paul-following Christians, openly reject God’s wisdom and words about these folks that are caught up in a false religion that ‘seems’ so good, but the Scriptures deplore?