Peter’s Great Commission (Part I)

October 23, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

Peter’s Great Commission
Acts 1-13
Part I

Luke 24:36-53; Matthew 16:13-20; John

Why does everyone want to follow Peter when we are told to follow Paul? Well, here is detailed verse by verse series study that will show you the details of Peter’s Commission to the Jews ‘before’ Paul. The Great Commission did happen but it is history, NOT present day doctrine.

This morning we look specifically at what/who it was exactly they were to believe. It wasn’t what/who Paul tells us to believe today, that is more than obvious! You may even understand YOUR own salvation much better after this sermon.

Bonus – People are as afraid and full of disbelief of the Risen Christ today as they were when He first arose out of the tomb!

Bonus 2 – We see the origination of the ‘church’ and it isn’t Acts 9, etc.

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