Peter’s Great Commission (Part III)

October 26, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

Peter’s Great Commission
Acts 1-13
Part III

Acts 4:24-37

We see the essence of the Great Commission – healing! We also see how people reacted to the working of God – they were affrighted, grieved and angered. Peter ought to be happy they didn’t treat him after his sermons like they treated Stephen!

We look at each verse and each word in Acts 3 and Acts 4:1-23. It is obvious that this is all to the Jews as they were to go out to the Gentiles – but these words and teachings are certainly not to us today as they are so foreign to what Paul preaches! Peter was ‘the man’ then, and will be ‘the man’ tomorrow – but today, our apostle is Paul!

Still working on the ‘details’ of the video cam, but hey, at least it is there – just ignore the display stuff. Like I say, still working on details… ha ha