Peter’s Great Commission (Part IV)

October 30, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

Peter’s Great Commission
Acts 1-13
Part IV

Acts 4:24-37

We continue to see more of the ‘essence’ of the Great Commission which is the foundation for today’s modern Christianity, as false as it is. We see where they get their idea of ‘power of prayer’ as well as their attempt at ‘unity’ by throwing out any and all doctrinal differences, etc. and seeking that earthly and flesh appealing peace.

Unfortunately, their prayer power is just folly and their self-designed unity is at the expense of truth. It all goes against what Paul preaches for prayer and unity. Hear the details within… it is amazing what the simplicity of Jesus Christ can show us in this KJB.

I think we have the video & sound issues all cleared up. Note: the uploading of the video takes almost a complete day per video. They probably won’t be ready until Monday evening or even Tuesday. We have very slow upload speed here in Kadoka… actually, we are even fortunate to have ‘any’ internet out here at all!