Peter’s Great Commission (Part V)

October 30, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

Peter’s Great Commission
Acts 1-13
Part V

Acts 5,6

As we get more and more ‘into’ these chapters, we see the surety of the statement that Peter was the ‘apostle’ for the Great Commission – AND – that the Great Commission certainly is NOT to anyone today.

These chapters show us that as pastors continue to claim these powers over the people, we see that today, they are truly powerless – yet they continue to claim these verses today and use them to ‘extort’ following from their congregation today – in the name of the FEAR of the Lord.

We continue to see the response from the ‘people’ to anything God does – THEN and TODAY! Today, we see the response to what God SAYS and to teachings from the RISEN CHRIST as taught to Paul and to us through the KJB!

I think we actually have the video and sound completed!