Peter’s Great Commission (Part VII)

November 6, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

Peter’s Great Commission
Acts 1-13
Part VII

Now things start changing a little. Stephen is dead but it isn’t time for Paul to come onto the scene yet other than his personal persecution of the church which was at Jerusalem. Jerusalem? You mean those were the ones who scattered? So maybe those being mentioned in I Peter 1:1 as scattered are actually still the Jews Peter is talking to? Peter is the apostle to the circumcision you know – so who else would it be. It certainly isn’t the Gentiles. We will discuss that later.

For now, we hear from Philip between Peter and Paul. Then we have this guy who thinks writing his check for the offering – a big check even – will make his relationship with God better. We don’t have people like that today at all, do we? One of the most dangerous subjects for a pastor to talk about is money… it seems that I remember that some of the biggest givers when I was a pastor never did make any ‘changes’ in their lives – they just wrote bigger checks. It didn’t work for Simon and it doesn’t work today – but those bigger checks are sure nice!

Note: Acts 8:37 is NOT proof that we get baptized ‘after’ salvation. It is NOT the first ‘Gentile’ saved so it is also not the “first saved was a black man” teaching. It DOES remind us that up to this point, the word ‘believe’ was meaning that they believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Does Paul teach to us that our salvation is based on whether or not we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? No – read Ephesians 1:12; 2:8,9, etc.

So why is Acts 8:37 not in the modern Bibles today? Satan had to take out a verse that proves we need to listen to Paul, not Philip, not Peter nor should we go back to the gospels for our salvation to be found. Our salvation is found through Paul Only – anyone else is ‘another Jesus.’

PS – If all goes well, the video has been finally ‘upgraded.’ If all goes well, that is! Still trying to improve on the sound… not bad, but not satisfactory to me, yet.