Stopping the Mouth of a Gainsayer (Round Three)

September 11, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

Round Three Goes to Paul Only!
Titus 1:9-16

This morning, we continue with our gainsayers attempt to make the Beatitudes apply to us today. My apologies about the sound and video… I hope to have it all corrected when my new cables arrive???

Remember – these are just very simplified notes – so the gainsayer will have to listen to the sermon, not just read a few notes… yet I hope it shows you folks what to look for – to create an interest in how doctrine and exhortation is needed for the gainsayers.

He says Matthew 5:20 is the heart and soul of the sermon on the mount? We show doctrinal reasons why that can not be so.

He then talks about ‘the new nature’ we receive that makes us want to please God, etc. First of all, the word is not ‘nature’ – again we see the lack of seriousness when it comes to the very word God uses… as well as missing the key point that the Risen Saviour has for us concerning this ‘desire’ we are to have.

He then says if we don’t have that desire, then we are not saved. That is the common answer for anytime somebody ‘else’ doesn’t walk the Christian walk according to the gospels.

We take on the arrogancy of today’s ‘modern’ Bible believing Christian when it comes to pleasing God, yet they totally reject Paul’s manner of life that pleases God. I suppose that God would tell them to ignore Paul’s writings – or try to mix them with directions spoken to the Jews BEFORE Jesus died and rose again, etc.

He also tries to convince us again that I John 2:18 and II Peter 3:3-4 is the Achilles heel of the premise that HebrewsJude is to the Tribulation saints. Amazing – he keeps on using these two verses falsely as well as ignoring the many many verses that show otherwise!

This guy is nothing but a Catholic following Peter, the apostle to the circumcision, while taking on the “Holy Baptist” clothes.

We finish with a doctrinal ‘fixing’ of what he says about Matthew 6:1-4. He states we should have a good inward religion – but I say, “How about NO religion?”

We see the crux of why the Great Commission Gospel preachers preach physical blessings for today – if they did right, then God would ‘reward them openly.’

We finish by looking at the Lord’s Prayer, as it is called today. If that doesn’t prove to our gainsayer that we are not to follow the Gospels for application today, then I suppose he will continue his vain repetition of a prayer – instead of praying without ceasing as Paul preaches and teaches!

Bonus: Welfare Christians just sit and wait for God to bless them – or to drink the sweat of other Christians who continue to help them along but not giving them strength, etc. as was Sodom’s problem according to Ezekiel 16:49.

PS – During the gainsayers series, there will be no notes other than what is on this page. I doubt that any gainsayers would listen to the audio so they would only scan the notes and disagree. This way, if they really want to hear my thoughts and answers, etc. they will have to listen to the actual preaching / teaching and hear all that needs to be said.