The Only Source of Godly Knowledge Today

January 18, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

One can read in the KJB the days when God gave preachers, pastors and people the knowledge He wanted them to have – but only in part, according to I Corinthians 13:8. So where do we go today for that same knowledge? Does God give it to them who are walking righteously? To them who pray consistently? To those who give regularly at church? To those who always attend church when the doors are open? To those who confess their sins on a regular basis (that is, for those few sins they actually do)? Does God teach you in your heart? Because the Bible says you have the mind of Christ, does that mean you now think like Christ wants you to? Do you go by the ‘instinct’ of a Christian now?

No – not at all!

Look to the King James 1611 Bible and ONLY to the KJB Bible. The preacher / pastor / missionary, etc. who is preaching to you had better be preaching the King James Bible rightly divided or he is just preaching profane and vain babblings and so any ‘inner’ knowledge you are getting, you are getting from life’s experiences (which is fine) and your own feelings (which is not fine!) or are man’s wisdom of words, etc. not from God!

Amazing, isn’t it! All from “just” a book! So many people think that we put God into a box when we ‘limit’ Him to a single Bible. They just haven’t rightly divided let alone read the KJB. Religion puts God into many boxes, depending on which box you choose. God is NOT in a box – and the King James Bible is NOT A BOX! The King James Bible is the spirit of wisdom and revelation, etc. Listen to this sermon and see what that KJB truly is!