Tomorrow’s Warnings Draw Closer Today: Hey Jude – 2011 (Part V)

December 21, 2011 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

Tomorrow’s Warnings Draw Closer Today
Hey Jude – 2011
Part V – What these guys will be doing are beginning to do it today
Jude 11

Leaving out the ‘distracting’ references, here is the list of things that these ‘guys’ will be doing during the fearful Tribulation. However, note that you can already see that many of these things are being done in the pulpits today. Today, while the soft ‘gospels’ pastors and reverends are preaching the ‘love’ of God messages, the ‘serious’ bible preachers are preaching a tribulation message of fearing God. None of them are preaching Paul’s ‘goodness of God’ message.