Understanding the King James Bible: Part V – Enter Paul

July 29, 2012 by: KJVOnly

January 18, 2009
Sunday Morning

Understanding the King James Bible
Part V – Enter Paul

We look at the exact and obvious verses that are more than convincing that we are to follow Paul and the teachings of the Risen Christ, NOT the teachings of Jesus that he taught to the Jews in the Gospels. This is the basic foundational stuff we can and should show folks!

Note that the sermon length may appear to be longer than usual – it is only that we began including the congregational singing at the beginning of the regular am & pm services. Ah – such great memories.

There is a short follow up so that I can make a correction! Be sure you listen so you don’t learn something incorrectly. Other than that, this is Great Stuff! I apologize for the distortion in the recording of the follow-up. At least is short. :-)
KJB5 Follow-Up