What’s in the Old Testament FOR Us Today: Part III – Numbers / Deuteronomy

July 8, 2012 by: KJVOnly

February 4, 2007
Sunday Evening

What’s in the Old Testament FOR Us Today?
Part III – Numbers / Deuteronomy

This session finishes Numbers and gets into Deuteronomy. We continue to learn about ‘the way of God’ during the Old Testament. People get so mad at God for ‘unloving ways’ during the OT. They are wrong! God gave His Spirit upon them when they were doing right. And for the Gentiles / Heathen, He gave them a conscience (Romans 1 & 2). And for us today, He actually paid the penalty for sin. They just don’t know the truth about God. They have an unknown God so they trust in themselves; we know the Living God and we trust in Him! I hope you trust in His words, too, in the King James 1611 Bible.