What’s in the Old Testament FOR Us Today: Part IV – Deuteronomy

July 22, 2012 by: KJVOnly

February 11, 2007
Sunday Evening

What’s in the Old Testament FOR Us Today?
Part IV – Deuteronomy

We finish Deuteronomy today. I tell ya, it is hard not to just preach & teach all this stuff in detail – it is fascinating to see how God operated during the OT times! You certainly must read it all for yourself!

Tonight, we try to just look again at an overall view of these OT books to see what is in them FOR us – and there certainly is plenty! Chapters 28 & 32 – these are great chapters! We must still seriously remember that those books are NOT written TO us; however, they sure are written FOR us to learn – and that ought to make us VERY thankful, eh!