Where is Our Shame Today? (Part I)

January 11, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

Where is Our Shame Today?
Part I

We have no shame anymore these days. Even in ‘accidental’ or ‘forced’ situations, are we ever ‘shamed’ when something happens? The leaven of TV, immodesty, language, etc. has taken us all down the dirty alley so far that nothing really shames us anymore.

Is there anything we can learn about shame in the Old Testament, Gospels, Paul’s Gospel, the Tribulation and Millenium? What applies to us and what is ‘nature’ in any dispensation, etc. It is an interesting study… but more than that, it reminds us that even though ‘all things are lawful,’ there is still a shame we should be aware of that affects our testimony and judgment seat of Christ. It is worth considering!