Wisdom & Grief; Knowledge & Sorrow

January 8, 2012 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

The grief and sorrow we have ‘for others’ is because of the wisdom and knowledge we have “from” God and the KJB – NOT a grief and sorrow “because” of God, etc. Let’s look once again at Paul’s manner of life when it comes to our concerns for others. How can we be happy and jovial when we see our friends, family and neighbors reject the joy of God’s goodness through Paul’s teachings? How can we just ignore the fact that they are caught up in their religion as we once were?

When it gets to the reprove and rebuke or even to the reject stage of our relationships, does that mean we are grumpy and angry towards others? Not at all. It just means that we care and it is hard for us when we are not allowed to tell others or even show others the change in our life. Our changes are more than ‘just being saved’ – we are to show a lifestyle change!

Because our new knowledge and wisdom is a serious thing, Paul tells us to be soberminded!