Is God Really ‘in Control’?

Sunday Morning Of course God is ‘in control’ – He is God the Creator – the Alpha & Omega, etc. but is HE in charge? Is He the one making things happen in this country – in your personal life, etc.? Are we looking at the ‘excuse’ you tell folks that have happen what happens in their lives? Do you believe it is God’s will in your/their life? Do you...

July 3rd, 2011 by KJVOnly 

Why Parents Ought To Be VERY Thankful for God’s Grace Today!

Sunday Evening A message especially for parents today on why we we should be VERY thankful for God’s Dispensation of Grace. Most of us would be at the bottom of the sea by now! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 51:31 — 5.9MB)
January 17th, 2010 by KJVOnly 

Touchet: The Ways of Tobiah

January 11th, 2009 Sunday Morning Note from Pastor Mike: This sermon is geared to parents who are trying to make changes within their family and are finding their kids, etc. wondering why you are not allowing them to do some things that seem ok. In many cases, I am even presenting this material to the kids who would listen. You can teach them how the Tobiahs of this world work in their lives. Some...

January 11th, 2009 by KJVOnly 

Touchet: Not MY Kids!

July 9th, 2008 Wednesday Evening Note from Pastor Mike: Why do we parents not want to think our own kids are bad? Not just bad doers at times, but I mean “BAD.” After a few thousand parent/teacher conferences in my teaching career, here are some thoughts about our own kids. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:03:14 — 7.2MB) Podcast (touchetoldvideo): Play in...

July 9th, 2008 by KJVOnly 


May 7th, 2008 Wednesday Evening A sermon spoken DIRECTLY to our girls / young ladies and to their parents! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 52:57 — 6.1MB) Podcast (touchetoldvideo): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58 — 135.2MB)
May 7th, 2008 by KJVOnly