Blast from the Past: Listening to Liars

Wednesday Evening Blast from the Past – September 2006 – Fair Week Another after-school meeting kept me from presenting “live” tonight, but here is a sermon that was the result of many conversations at a fair booth that prompted me to preach about modern pastors and how folks just continue to listen to their pastor’s lies. Presented way back in 2006, we see even more...

February 1st, 2012 by KJVOnly 

Despise and Destroy the Magnificence of Today’s Pastors (Part III)

Wednesday Evening Despise and Destroy the Magnificence of Today’s Pastors Part III For though ye have ten thousand instructers in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers… We begin the detailed look into Scriptures (as the final authority, etc.) to see what the Risen Saviour says about ‘modern’ pastors (including the Bible preachers, etc.) during Paul’s Dispensation of Grace....

January 25th, 2012 by KJVOnly 

The Only Source of Godly Knowledge Today

Wednesday Evening One can read in the KJB the days when God gave preachers, pastors and people the knowledge He wanted them to have – but only in part, according to I Corinthians 13:8. So where do we go today for that same knowledge? Does God give it to them who are walking righteously? To them who pray consistently? To those who give regularly at church? To those who always attend church...

January 18th, 2012 by KJVOnly 

My Challenge, as a Pastor, to Change Direction and Emphasis of My Local Church Family – 2002

Sunday Morning This is the sermon that I gave to challenge the church families to change our direction and emphasis at Touchet Baptist Church, June, 2002. It was part of my ‘Garden Series’ and as far as I can tell, this is the oldest sermon I have available. I had been pastor for 6 years and was just starting to consider the seriousness of looking towards Paul with rightly dividing Paul’s...

January 15th, 2012 by KJVOnly 

A New Year Challenge

Wednesday Evening I was not able to present a ‘sermon’ / lesson, etc. so Mark filled in for me. I believe you would enjoy listening as well as learn from his testimony and teachings as he offers a challenge to the listeners as well as to himself for this new year. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 39:05 — 4.5MB)
January 4th, 2012 by KJVOnly 

More From the Gainsayer Again (Part I)

Sunday Morning More From the Gainsayer Again Part I Even though we are told by the risen Saviour to give these guys two chances and unless they are beginning to hear and see and understand and then reject – withdraw, etc. We leave them alone with their brain and blindness because Paul says these guys … well, listen to the sermon and see many scriptural reasons why we should leave the...

January 1st, 2012 by KJVOnly 

Tomorrow’s Warnings Draw Closer Today: Hey Jude – 2011 (Part VIII)

Wednesday Evening Tomorrow’s Warnings Draw Closer Today Hey Jude – 2011 Part VIII – Summary See all the ‘facts’ of the Tribulation preachers in one sermon list. Maybe you will recognize these things & men in your own church pulpit. The love gospel of the ‘yesterday’ is preached by the common denominations; the fear gospel of ‘tomorrow’...

December 28th, 2011 by KJVOnly 

Peter’s Great Commission (Part VI)

Wednesday Evening Peter’s Great Commission Acts 1-13 Part VI We look at Stephen’s last sermon. This is a great ‘history’ lesson for anybody who does not know all the stories in the OT. As you read this chapter, ask yourself if you know the details to each story that Stephen mentions. Are there any aspects of this sermon that are still played out today? Yes, of course!...

November 2nd, 2011 by KJVOnly 

Peter’s Great Commission (Part I)

Sunday Morning Peter’s Great Commission Acts 1-13 Part I Luke 24:36-53; Matthew 16:13-20; John Why does everyone want to follow Peter when we are told to follow Paul? Well, here is detailed verse by verse series study that will show you the details of Peter’s Commission to the Jews ‘before’ Paul. The Great Commission did happen but it is history, NOT present day doctrine. This...

October 23rd, 2011 by KJVOnly 

The Light On Our Hill Today

Wednesday Evening A 24 minute sermon? Yes – Paltalk caused problems and so we just pulled the plug after the first point. It was supposed to be three points and no poem tonight; but all you get is the first point. What light are we supposed to shine from our hill today? The light of ‘good works’ like it says in Matthew 5:14-16? No, not at all. We have short notes as well as a short...

October 12th, 2011 by KJVOnly