A Simple, Rightly Divided, Biblical Critique of “The Exchanged Life”

November 8, 2009 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

We examined a ‘new’ ‘Grace’ program that tells folks about how to live the ‘Exchanged Life.’ Even though they do use a number of Paul’s teachings, their bottom line is the holiness walk ‘or else’ by going back to the Gospels and forward to Hebrews, etc.

This ‘program’ bases its verse on Galatians 2:20 but instead of the faith OF Christ, they change it to faith IN Christ. They do get into the teachings of Paul, such as Philippians 4:9, but the ‘walk’ that they search for is from the gospels / being led by the ‘feelings’ etc and the Tribulation books. Close – but as is everything else these days, no deal!

It continues to amaze me how close the devil is getting with the truth these days before he finally twists it to make it just another deceiving program setting folks up for the coming anti-christ in Revelation 6 instead of the real Christ in Revelation 19.

Because we review & critique their own material, there are no notes for this sermon. If you know the truth of a rightly divided Bible, you can spot their ‘seriously’ false teachings from within their own material. These are long today – lots to say!