“Already Gone” is Already Wrong! (Part I)

June 28, 2009 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

This sermon is NOT being preached in support of the new ‘popular’ book Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer! While I am sure this book has truthful statistics and numbers, we will see the complete hypocrisy of what Ken Ham has to say.

This is potentially a hard sermon – it isn’t meant to be, but anytime we talk about parenting or our children, folks are bound to be hurt, embarrassed and even angered. This sermon MUST be preached so that the lies in that book are challenged and disproved! This book will only lead families deeper into the very fear, concern and confusion they have about their children.

Why can’t folks just read their Bible instead of buying books that claim to be truth when they are as furthermost from the truth as one can get. That book Already Gone is completely based on corrupted words, false teachings and man’s philosophy. In fact, his own book proves itself as one of the reasons our kids today are Already Gone!