Dangerously Deceiving Dominion Theology

May 17, 2009 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

Learn about the most common theology that has been in existence throughout the history of America. Learn how they believe and teach that we must ‘fix’ America before Christ comes back. Learn how this is all because of the Great Commission instead of Rightly Dividing the word of truth. Learn how a ‘patriotic Christian America’ can be deceived with a Calvinistic and Reconstructionist theology that is deceiving more and more good American Christians today.

See how profane profane can be and how vain vain can be when it comes to profane and vain babblings. Changing one word from a King James Bible created a false theology that has ruined America – almost from the beginning! See what word it is! Amazing to see what one word change can do – why would anyone wonder what thousands of word changes has done to truth today!