Fully Knowing Paul’s Manner of Life (Part VI)

October 11, 2009 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

Continuing from this morning, we hear more of what Christians should maintain in their testimony of being a sincere Christian. We look at two harder aspects for many of us Bible Believers, “longsuffering” and “patience.”

I admit: I struggle with this. I get so excited with things I learn I want others to see it as well – or having to deal with a world as wicked as it is becoming, it is often difficult for me. It is conceit? being spoiled? judgmental? No! It is my concern for those others who are deceived or mixed up with their religions and false gospel and manners of life. Yet, I am often misread as not being longsuffering and patient, and yes, I know why… I don’t want to be considered ecumenical nor do I just want to put forth grace with no truth but I am aware that few folks want sound doctrine today.