Honour Killings Among Sincere Christians

August 8, 2010 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

Are ‘Honour Killings’ new in America? No – Christians have been doing it to each other for years. When someone makes some changes in their lives to please God, then the ‘christians’ around them are shamed. Instead of rejoicing with them that rejoice they do what they can to kill you spiritually.

There are two kinds of Honour Killings among Christians:

  1. Those that find a Christian that has tripped up and do a good job of killing them more
  2. Those that are envious of those who ARE succeeding in changing their walk (modesty, leadership as a man, etc.) and so they do what they can to tear them down. That includes wives towards husbands and visa versa; fathers towards their growing children, etc.

It is a shame – but it exists more than most realize, especially those ‘honour killers’!

Notes coming soon…