Humanism in the Local Church – YOUR Church?

August 15, 2010 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

I pulled out some of my own study notes and found my copy of the Humanist Manifesto as well as some ‘warnings’ about humanism in our school system. In the sermon, while I review some of those humanistic teachings, we all should recognize that not only have those humanistic beliefs infiltrated the schools as well as the country, we also see that they are in our churches now. In fact, they are even in our KJB churches – in even more real fact, they are in those Paul following churches and assemblies, as well Are they in your family?

With Humanism being considered an approved religion by the IRS, this should be an eye-opener for those who are falling for the ways of the goodness of man, thinking that they are being ‘good’ Christians, only to find out they are following another religion!

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