II Corinthians Today (Chapter Five)

July 25, 2010 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Morning

According to Paul and King James 1611 Bible

II Corinthians Five

This chapter is full of gems! Do we really want to follow Paul’s teachings, or do we just ‘pretend’ to be following his teachings in our daily walk? We ought to be burdened to be clothed – but even Christians are not burdened to be clothed today let alone ‘clothed’ for their judgment seat.

Christ gives us his righteousness – his clothes, as such, but why is there such a willingness and desire to be unclothed today among Christians? Is there a difference in clothes in the Tribulation when compared to the church age today? Are we completely accepted by Christ today? Are we to ‘fear’ the judgment seat? How can we ‘answer’ those that glory in appearance and not in the heart? What do you know about the ministry of reconciliation?