II Corinthians Today (Chapters Six and Seven)

July 25, 2010 by: KJVOnly

Sunday Evening

According to Paul and King James 1611 Bible

II Corinthians Six and Seven

There is great understanding within this chapter that shows us the identical application from our King James Bible today.

We see in chapter 6 that Paul expresses his concern towards those carnal christians as to whether or not they are saved. Could that be an issue for more than we may realize these days?

Chapter 7 expresses Paul’s confidence towards his people ‘obeying’ what he teaches. Would Paul have that same confidence in us today? I do not believe so – especially in us fathers, as Paul treats his people like his children.

Fathers would be wise to look to Paul as their teacher as to how to be a father – from what I have seen, I see few fathers even willing to learn from Paul! I can’t wait until the next Fathers Day – I have just the right message for those fathers who still have children around the house. For those of us who are too old – well… anyone interested in some experiential advice? Turn to Paul!