II Corinthians Today (Chapters Three and Four)

July 21, 2010 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

According to Paul and King James 1611 Bible

II Corinthians Three and Four

What does it mean, “Ye are our epistle…“?
How can our sufficiency be of God today?
How is it we can have ‘plainness of speech‘ today?
Where do we find that plainness of speech that we should be able to understand?
Is the ‘vail’ still upon the hearts of people today as they follow the four Gospels?

Are you troubled AND distressed; perplexed AND in despair? You shouldn’t be!

When we are to have the life of Jesus manifest in our body, which ‘life’ is it – the Jewish one from the four Gospels or the risen life as Paul preaches? Both? Are they the same?

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