July 7, 2008 by: KJVOnly

Given that I’ve been so slow to add any sermons to the podcast, now is a good time to explain what I’m doing with these and where we go from here.

From the start these have been my contribution to my church, King James Bible Church of Touchet. I am podcasting with the pastor’s blessing but these are not “official”. I also am copying the pastor’s intro text word-for-word. The link goes to the sermon notes (if any) and I have been using the day and service name to accomplish that.

Since I am a full month behind now I will skip over June and start with July. If you want the June sermons (and I strongly recommend them), you can go to the church’s June 2008 page.

I am working on a way to denote that the podcast is a service to the church and is done on the church’s behalf. The official iTunes podcast URL may change. If so, I’ll post another update.
In the meantime, if you just want the Touchet sermons (and exclude any media I may include in the regular feed) you can always do so with the following URL:
Touchet-specific RSS feed

Thank you for visiting the site and subscribing to the podcast! If you’re getting the smallest piece of what I am by rightly dividing the King James Bible then you must be sitting there with a permanent grin on your face. Thank you Lord!

2011/10/05 UPDATE: Church is now called Scattered Christians and their web page is Scattered Christians.org.