The Curses Still Exist

September 23, 2009 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

I see that some of our frustrations as a Christian are because we may tend to think that our existence on this earth should be easier and better than those without Christ. We have to remember that the devil is the god of this world and we are in his territory when we try to do right, dress right, talk right, etc., not doing those things that we learn are not expedient, do not edify, etc. and are what the Risen Saviour teaches us through Paul’s teachings in the KJB.

The original curse still exists – and with the direction of Paul, we can learn how to live to please God and to do right – even within this cursed world. In fact, trying to change the ‘design’ is exactly what the devil is doing these days so don’t be part of the devil’s plan as you do what you can to reverse the curse. Let Christ take care of the curse of the law and then you do what you can, with God’s strength, etc. to live what would be considered a Christian’s life!

Note: the video appears long but that is because we often include the singing before and after the preaching as well as some email updates from the family or comments about the daily news from a Biblical point of view. Oh, and sometimes the sermons are just long as there is a lot to preach on these days. In order to get through the whole counsel of God, we don’t have much time left these days.

There are also still a few recording issues I need to deal with but at least there is a video available finally. I am trying – we will be settled soon? ha, right!