They Have No Clue!

April 15, 2009 by: KJVOnly

Wednesday Evening

As we see that according to the newest Homeland Security document, we are to be considered dangerous as a potential “radical on the right.” What kind of suffering could this possibly mean? Or will we be suffering reproach for another reason? How about for trusting in the living God and following Paul ONLY?

The question we ask and answer tonight is this: How can a professing King James Bible Believer / or the average ‘Christian’ still not follow Paul ONLY? What is it about the Great Commission Baptists, etc. that just want to stick to the Gospels and not follow Paul? Why can’t they follow Paul ONLY without trying to apply the whole Bible or at least the Gospels and I II Peter, etc.

We still say the whole Bible is FOR us, but it is not all TO us! We preach Genesis to Revelation but try to live only what Paul preaches! What is so dangerous, threatening and hard about that? Well, here is what I see is so hard for folks!