Touchet: A Sincere Christian’s Faith (Risen Promises Part VI)

July 30, 2008 by: KJVOnly

July 30th, 2008 Wednesday Evening

Part VI of the Risen Christ’s Promises TO Us

Note from Pastor Mike:
We take a unique look at some of the promises of the Risen Christ to us through Paul in I & II Thessalonians.

We have had a life of liberty in a country with a form of liberty that has enabled us to live a life of liberty in Christ – at our own choice and with our own choices.

Unfortunately, over the years, America has been following profane and vain babblings in the name of ‘Christianity’ that is proving itself to be false by its manifestation of folly! We ALSO have spent our years learning and least somewhat trying to follow Jesus’ teachings – unbeknownst to us that they were NOT to us, etc. Many have been discouraged as have even more just plain quit and gone onto some new form of Christianity even further from the Scriptures.

Now we possibly see the end nearing – the time of our salvation draweth nigh… and we will be needing to develop a stronger faith and seeking even more comfort!