Touchet: Contrasts in Scripture (Part VIII)

August 27, 2008 by: KJVOnly

August 27th, 2008 Wednesday Evening

Note from Pastor Mike:
We cover Music in the OT and Music for the Body of Christ today.

Here is my ‘personal’ sermon on the ‘all’ that I have preached on music in summary format. We contrast the OT design of music (including the Gospels) with the NT design of music through Paul. Worship today is totally what Paul preached on Mars Hill – when he preached to those who ignorantly worshipped their unknown God.

What does the Bible say about music rightly divided? Here it is – this is all based on all the years that I have been in the ‘ministry’ and seeing what I have seen in the churches I was involved with these past 25 years.

Music is a powerful voice that the devil is using to prepare this world for worshipping the Beast! It is exceeding magnifical what the King James Bible can reveal today – to those who truly trust it as the very mouth of God and can also understand how to rightly divide the word of truth.

The KJB is not only the gospel of our salvation (Ephesians 1:13), it is also the source of our understanding and enlightenment.

Yes, this sermon appears to be lengthy – but even as ‘fast’ as I presented this sermon tonight, I pray this sermon will help folks see what is going on in their lives and church concerning music. The notes are available by clicking the above title – maybe these notes will help you see what could be one of the most important ‘changes’ you can make in your life and for your family. I would suggest that you do both the audio AND the notes – they both work together.