Touchet: How to Understand the KJB #9 – The Mission Details of Paul (Part II)

January 25, 2009 by: KJVOnly

January 25th, 2009 Sunday Evening

Note from Pastor Mike:
Now we begin to look at the details of Paul’s ministry, keeping in mind that these are the very things that can and should affect our personal lives, our church family and our testimony – as well as learning what Christ would do for us and to us if we would allow Him to. We also find out what He did for us and to us whether we wanted Him to or not. :-)

Part II: Paul tells us what he sees and hears from the Risen Christ; helps us have our eyes enlightened; shows us a more excellent way; shows us the way of God more perfectly; shows us the unsearchable riches of Christ; to offer the Gentiles acceptable unto God; impart spiritual gifts, but WHAT GIFTS to do we receive today? Listen to this sermon for that answer – it may surprise you.

Congregational singing included in audio/video.