Touchet: Lies that Can Unravel a Church

October 19, 2008 by: KJVOnly

October 19th, 2008 Sunday Evening

Note from Pastor Mike:
“Agree to disagree,” “I quit,” “Amen,” “Be there when the doors are open”, and other famous lies that can unravel a local church family.

How close should a church family be?

What does Job have to teach us today about the local church?

Here are some comments and answers to an ever growing situation these days. Leaving a church family over serious doctrine such as rightly dividing, bible versions, music, etc. that is fine and should be done. But because of these lies? Never! And the history of this local history has a history of quitters – over what? The walk!

Can you see it coming? When you hear these comments, probably so.

Maybe we can stop this trend!